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Minimalist Design - 3 elements of decoration

The living room decoration is made up of only three elements: the huge abstract painting, the orchid placed on the coffee table...

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Living Room Decoration - Modern & Chic

At HCB Visuals, we create a functional and lightweight living environment at the same time. The success of Scandinavian and Minimalist style.

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WE THE CHAMPIONS: What a time to be alive.

HCB visuals is launching new project to celebrate the "unbelievable" Canada's first-ever NBA Championship Win! Congrats to the #Raptors!

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Stairway to Wellness

"Health design" is becoming ever more important in current practice. Over the long term, buildings can have a significant impact...

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Montreal baseball fans are getting excited after hearing architecture firm Provencher Roy has created a series of designs for a potential stadium

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The Office 2.0: Personalized and Interactive

HCB Visuals’s approach is to adapt to the needs of each client, try not to impose its way of doing things but...

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Talking to Foster Innovation

A versatile firm and a proponent of the integrated approach to working, HCB Visuals is well placed to tout the advantages of multidisciplinarity. How does this specifically apply to...

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Leonard Cohen: A Softer Voice that Carried Immense Power

One year ago, on November 7, the music legend Leonard Cohen passed away at the age of 82 at his home. As was his wish...

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A Middle Eastern museum made for the world

Director Manuel Rabaté said he wants this Louvre to be the "World's first universal museum." The exhibits will encompass works from...

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Elegant Halloween Decorating Ideas

Black & White is a classical color combination which is a super chic trend for Halloween décor as well...

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Architectural and Environmental Solutions: Focus on Workspaces

Companies today understand to what extent the transformation of the work environment...

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Building Lighter

Paradoxically, the success of certification programs such as LEED can sometimes alienate designers who give long thought to design...

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Work as an Experience

"UX" or "user experience": these terms have their roots in computer usability, but have since made their way into...

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Between Fire and Water: the Human Being

Fireplaces offer great potential for integration into other architectural elements, such as...

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The Reign of the Open Concept

De-compartmentalizing space is another way to encourage communication and creativity within an organization...

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