Heated floors are attracting more and more owners seeking to enhance thermal comfort in their homes. This heating system works by ...

Today, underfloor heating is the smartest choice, offering more benefits than any other heating method. This modern heating solution helps to create the ideal temperature and instantly make you feel warm and comfortable.


All​ you need to know about heated floors:

Heated floors (also called radiant floors) are attracting more and more owners seeking to enhance thermal comfort in their homes. This heating system works by radiation, rather than by convection, unlike other heaters. A heated floor can be installed in any room of the house, going from bathroom to living room, through the basement.

The main advantage of the radiant floor is the better distribution of heat throughout the whole house, unlike conventional radiators which emit heat locally. All rooms are homogeneously heated, which ensures total comfort. There are other advantages, namely:
♦ The entire heating system is hidden under the floor. You will be able to arrange the furniture as you wish without constraint.
♦ A heated floor does not produce any air movement, which reduces the circulation of dust particles and other allergens.
♦ It is a profitable long-term solution, which is particularly recommended for new constructions as well as for major renovations.

Types of heated floors :

A heated floor operates at low temperature, with a large area of radiation. There are two main types of radiant heaters:
♦ Electric (with resistance)
♦ Hydronic (with hot water or glycol).
The choice will be made according to the type of project, the area of the house and your budget.
The DCM-PRO decoupling system from Warmup and the Heating Meshes are a perfect option for regular shaped bathrooms, while the DCM-PRO heating cable with plastic fixing templates is ideal for irregular bathrooms, with many permanent pieces of furniture.

Hydraulic Heated Floor:

Today, the hydraulic underfloor heating is the most economical system since it consumes very little energy and reduces the heating needs of the home. The hydraulic heated floor is 30% more efficient than a traditional heated floor.
♦ It is a discreet device which allows a homogeneous diffusion of a soft and pleasant heat.
♦ Belonging to the floor heating family, the low temperature hydraulic floor stands out for its energy-efficient side.
♦ It can be adapted to many energy sources such as the condensing boiler, the heat pump or solar collectors

The heat is concentrated at ground level and in contact with the feet, which makes you all the more benefit from the heat produced, while maximizing energy efficiency. The heating mesh is ideal for heating large pieces of irregular size. The cable is pre-spaced at 3 inches on a fiberglass mesh and allows a quick and easy installation.

How to install underfloor heating under ceramic?

The electric underfloor heating can be installed by a handyman or a professional installer. All electrical work, including connecting the thermostat, must only be carried out by a licensed electrician.
♦ Tile adhesive
When installing an underfloor heating system with tile or stone flooring, flexible adhesive and grout should be used to allow normal thermal movement.

♦ DCM-PRO System
The DCM-PRO system consists of the DCM-PRO heating cable, the DCM-PRO separation membrane (self-adhesive or felted) and the 4iE thermostat. The DCM-PRO membrane is the most tested and the most accredited in the market of electric heated floors.

We hope you like our article on the latest ideas for heated floors. Contact HCB Visuals to explore more innovative heating solutions! 

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